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60 days to confidently navigate & implement tailored nutrition strategies into a lifestyle.

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Are you...?

  • Overwhelmed by all there is to learn about nutrition?

  • Constantly inundated with contradictory opinions on fad diets from friends, family & social media?

  • Yo-yo dieting and not seeing results after feeling like you've tried it ALL?

  • Getting completely off track at the grocery store when you attempt to seek out "healthy" alternatives?

  • Wearing so many hats in your life (full time employee, full time mom, full time traveler, etc.) & navigating nutrition is the last thing you have the time energy for?

  • Struggling to see results when you exercise daily?

  • Lost on where to start in creating a weight loss/muscle gain/weight maintenance plan that suits your lifestyle and goals?

  • Not sure how to separate nutrition facts from myths?

Then it's time to...

Take control of your nutrition in BITES!

(pun intended)


BASE understanding of the foundations of nutrition without the overwhelm by navigating through guided modules with consistent community & support.


IMPLEMENT strategies learned & practiced throughout the program to begin building healthy habits and routine around your nutrition regimen. 


TACTICS you can take with you for dining out, traveling, social events & holidays! Goodbye guilt, hello deliciousness! 


ENJOY the process of your nutrition journey. Your nutrition routine should provide you with clarity, confidence & be something that you look forward to!


SUSTAIN your nutrition routine for the long term! Nutrition is an activity we are constantly aware of and working through. The end of BITES, is just the beginning! 


Client Experiences in BITES

BITES Online Nutrition Program Client Testimonal
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Two Options, 1 Solution


  • full BITES program, over 60 days

  • set dates: Fall '23 Cohort: 10/16/23 - 12/8/23

  • highly specialized with 1:1 & group coaching

  • access to private cohort discussion

  • application + interview required

  • 4-6 participants MAX per cohort

  • weekly check ins, tracking & accountability

  • lifetime access to entire program


🎉Upcoming BONUSES🎉

  • FREE, additional 1:1 accountability call to use at anytime during or within 6 months of program ending!

BITES Self Study

  • full BITES program, instant access

  • NO set dates

  • NO application

  • self paced study on your time

  • access to private group discussion with other Self Study participants

  • 1:1 coaching/accountability  support can be added

  • lifetime access to entire program

🎉Upcoming BONUSES🎉

  • FREE, custom Recommended Food List (not a meal plan) to use throughout your program! **typically only offered in VIP**

BITES Self Study

Month 1

  • Understand current habits, routines, & preferences to tailor initial nutrition assessment to your specific needs!

  • Set up our mindset, short & long term goals for sustainable achievement.

  • Learning & navigating nutritional foundations such as: nutrition facts & ingredient labels, macronutrients, micronutrients, hydration & fad diets. 

  • Expanding nutritional knowledge by dumping nutrition myths & learning nutrition facts.

Month 2

  • Develop, practice & implement meal planning strategies at home, dining out & when on vacation.

  • Accept & acknowledge your weaknesses in order to create a unique approach to combat them. 

  • Create & understand the importance of balance & consistency in our nutrition regimen; adapting & challenging our lifestyles & commitments. 

  • Enjoy & sustain a nutrition regimen you want to follow.

BITES is...

a comprehensive group coaching program with 1:1 & community support, progress tracking & accountability, as well as step by step guidance to support cultivating a lifestyle nutritional regimen.

If you're ready to build healthy long term habits & a realistic nutrition regimen that accommodates your lifestyle and goals...

If you're asking yourself questions like..

IMG_0935 2.jpg
IMG_0934 2.jpg

then stop guessing; acquire the knowledge & confidence to be in control of you nutrition!

I am not the coach that gives you the answers nor will I be the one that gives you a document lining out exactly what you need to do for 8 weeks to reach your goal. Why? This would be the band-aid solution to your real life struggle. I created BITES to be your long term nutrition solution by educating, motivating, supporting & inspiring you to partner with me as your coach in creating a sustainable nutrition strategy that you enjoy. My commitment is that by the end of this 8 week program you leave feeling more knowledgeable about current, past and future nutritional habits, more educated about the facts and myths that inundate the industry, understand how to navigate the "simple" things such as grocery shopping & label reading as well as the more challenging feats such as traveling, dining out and holidays. I want you to feel confident in the kitchen, have a short & long term nutrition strategy, and sustain a healthy nutritional regimen that suits your lifestyle. BITES is a  behavior changing program that will curate & inspire healthy nutrition habits, ideas and motives for years to come. Join me in creating a real, substantial, lifestyle BITES!

~Vanessa Girard

Founder & Creator of B.I.T.E.S.


Thinking you'd rather take the course at your own pace & not with the group? Join BITES as a self study program! Click the link below to access BITES Self Study NOW!

BITES BTS Insider.png

OH you mean other than a transformative nutritional mindset & lifestyle... 

  • 1:1 & small group coaching (1:1 calls can be added to Self Study)

  • Over 45 online learning modules

  • 8 weeks of guided, workable documents & curriculum  

  • Weekly quizzes, implementation & group discussion

  • Lifetime access!

Course Highlights


  • What are the dates for BITES VIP 60 day, Spring '24 cohort? 

    • Spring cohort dates are not yet set. Stay tuned in MF Weekly for program dates.

  • Should I still apply for BITES VIP if I may miss a few group calls?

    • YES! I would highly encourage the 60 day, guided program. If you are someone who does best with the consistent accountability throughout a program, the 60, structured program with 1:1 & group coaching calls included is recommended (even if you miss a few group calls).

  • How does the application and review process work for BITES VIP?

    • Once you have submitted your application, you will be prompted to schedule an interview. Based on your application and interview, we will discuss if the program is a good fit for you based on your goals, needs & learning preferences. The interview is really to gauge where you are in your nutrition journey and if BITES VIP is a good fit for you. 

  • How many applicants are accepted into the BITES VIP program?

    • As the purpose of this program is to be a small, intimate, learning environment , only 4-6 applicants are accepted per cohort. Applicants are accepted based on a rolling basis during the application period, so submitting your application sooner than later is encouraged!

  • When are applications being accepted for BITES VIP?

    • Spring cohort dates are not yet set. Stay tuned in MF Weekly for application dates.

  • Do I need to submit an application if I am joining the BITES Self Study Program?​

    • No, for the BITES Self Study Program you can join and access immediately! ​

  • Does the BITES Self Study Program have the same content as BITES VIP?

    • Yes! The BITES Self Study Program has all of the exact same content, without the group & 1:1 coaching. You may add on 1:1 coaching calls to the BITES Self Study Program and can choose from single session or a 3 pack bundle of accountability calls.

  • Will I receive lifetime access to BITES if I choose VIP or the Self Study?

    • Yes! Anyone who purchases BITES (either option) will have lifetime access to the program!

  • How do I receive the Open Cart BONUS?

    • To receive the open cart bonus for either VIP or Self Study, you must join the program of your choice over the open cart dates- TBD. 

Client Experiences

Screen Shot 2022-05-24 at 1.51_edited.jpg

What is holding you back from enjoying your food, being confident in your nutrition knowledge & having a balanced lifestyle that supports your goals?

Please reach out to me directly to with any questions regarding the program or your application. 


If you're interested in doing BITES as a self study program- say no more! Click the link below to get access right away!

Great if you...

  • are not into group programs

  • prefer self paced study/1:1 coaching

  • not available over the program dates

  • are still interested in the BITES program

  • would still like the option to add 1:1 support



VIP Bonus-all VIP participants who apply, are accepted & join the program over these dates will receive a FREE, additional 1:1 accountability call with me to use at anytime during or within 6 months of the program ending! Can you say cheers to being supported & achieving your goals this year?🍾

Self Study Bonus-all Self Study purchasers will receive a FREE, custom Recommended Food List (not a meal plan) to use throughout your program! You know that I am not the nutrition coach to offer a full fledged meal plan that you won't end up adhering to, but I am the coach that will provide you with tools and resources (tailored to your success) &allow you to get spicy and creative, making it your own! **typically offered in VIP only, don't miss this bonus!

To be eligible to receive either bonus (only 1 applicable per customer) your program must be purchased between the open cart dates. 

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