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4 Steps to Jump the Getting Started Hurdle

The beginning is often the biggest challenge: getting to your workout, starting a new program, or even just finding the right headspace. Though, it doesn't have to be. Implement these 4 strategies & let's jump to the good part!

Understand & accept where you are now.

In order to move forward, we need to know that we have to start somewhere.


Surround yourself with those who motivate you.

Real talk, you may need to trim the fat so you can start focusing on your own goals.


Starting small is still starting. 

Think: a staircase, not an elevator. We don't just press a button and magically appear at the top floor. We have to tackle step after step in our journey to get to the top. 


Celebrate the wins. 

Queue: feel good, look good mentality. Give yourself praise, big and small. 


I'm Ready to Tackle This!

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