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5 Tips to Maintain Routine on Vacation: Enjoy Exercise Anywhere!

Updated: Nov 20, 2023

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Building an exercise routine you love is one piece to the puzzle, but being able to truly make it a lifestyle, now that’s when you’ve found the whole treasure.

**Side note- I am totally a sucker for a good Nicolas Cage National Treasure hunt.

Creating that foundation of enjoyment, consistency and challenge in your exercise routine is the base layer that supports you in making it a lifestyle. The more often you can engage in exercise that you enjoy & is progressively adapting the body, the more consistent you will become with your exercise routine.

We become so fixated on our habits & routines, making it hard to adapt to them when our environments have changed and those same (exact) habits and routines aren’t able to take place as usual.

Morning Workout & Afternoon Poolside on Vacation

You go on vacation and instantly assume that getting in your workout or having healthy food choices isn’t a viable or available option. This idea of vacation has been framed as a break from our routine, from our day to day, which we all know we so need and deserve!

However, what if you learned to adapt smoother, lower expectations, & build a lifestyle that you enjoy around movement & healthy eating that it becomes an aspect of your life that you crave, even when on vacation?

Being flexible to change up from your normal routine & to a vacation routine, will support you in still enjoying your vacation & feeling accomplished that you did prioritize yourself while away.

Here are my 5 tips to maintain your exercise routine while on vacation:

1. Morning Workouts

More often than not, your family and friends are snoozing in the morning on vacation and the day may not be starting until later in the morning or early afternoon. Utilize the earlier part of the mornings for your workout time–whether that's in the hotel room, hotel gym, living room, etc. Maybe the full morning workout isn’t going to fit in amongst the kids being ready to hit the pool. So, if you don’t have time, get in a 10 min stretch, mobility or core workout before you start your event filled day. Corral your family and friends to join you for a 10 min stretch, 20 min workout or even a 1-2 mile walk outside.


2. Class Drop Ins

When getting in a workout or a walk aren’t a viable option, check out some local studios in the town you're visiting in. Especially if you don’t have the luxury of doing this among a busy work and life schedule, during some downtime on vacation is a great way to check out new types of exercise you have been interested in exploring. Many studios offer a free first time class or as low as $20 drop in fee & if you know you’ll be back or you’ll be gone for a longer trip, taking a few classes may be a great way to get out of your comfort zone and meet some locals in the area.


3. Outdoor Activities

Now the sun is shining (hopefully for months moving forward) as we head into a long summer season that we both are yearning for! Whether it’s summer vacation or a short spontaneous weekend getaway–plan some outdoor activities wherever you’re going. This could be walking around town and exploring the architecture, doing a group hike for a stunning view at the top, taking the family to the zoo, or getting out on the water for kayaking, tubing or water skiing if you’re feeling adventurous!


4. Self Transportation

Based on where you are staying in relation to the general vicinity of restaurants and shops, you may be able to opt for walking (or even biking) instead of driving. Where you can, aim to get in your steps. If lunch is only a ½ mile away from the shopping center you’re at, opt to walk there and back to get in some extra steps and movement for the day. Many cities now have bikes that you can rent by the hour to take around town and you can drop and pick them up in various locations.


5. Bring your workout (& your trainer) with you!

Lucky for you, your workout is at your fingertips and you don't have to worry if it’s one you’ll have space or time for–because your trainer's got your back! With Milsner Fitness, your workout can be wherever you are. The Movement Membership can be taken with you on your family vacation or your upcoming work trip and workouts can be done in as little as 10 minutes a day with your bodyweight alone! If you’re seeking to get started in building consistency around daily movement then The Movement Membership is for you!

For those seeking a 1:1, tailored program, book a complimentary 30 minute consultation to discuss next steps in becoming a 1:1 client.

Comment below with your favorite way to stay active on vacation & please share this post with your vacation partner! Stay connected with Milsner Fitness on Instagram & be sure to subscribe to MF Weekly for more, easy health & fitness enhancements you can implement right into your weekly routine!




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