Workouts that work 


As a person who has gone in and out of practicing fitness, having a personal training system where exercises are catered exactly to my personal needs and goals that I can obtain within the comfort of my own home has been immensely successful. After my first 6 week program, I saw such great results and got into an amazing routine, I knew I had to continue. Nick and Vanessa do an amazing job at staying connected, organizing your workouts, making sure you maintain comfort and form, and encourage you to push and work beyond your goals. There is true diligence and time invested into the customer and it's an experience I have never had before. 10/10 recommend!

- Tiffany

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I have had three spinal procedures and have suffered from extreme discomfort since I was 14 years old. When I started law school in the fall, I cringed at the thought of how much sitting was coming my way. Vanessa and Nick have created the perfect workout plan to strengthen and support my back better than I could have dreamt of. Not only are they great trainers, but great people as well. They genuinely care about your workout regime and how you are doing as a human being. They have changed my life and I wouldn’t second guess working with them if given the chance!

- Nic


Nick and Vanessa are a pleasure to work with. They are professional and energetic and care about your personal needs and desires! I highly recommend their exercise programs!!

- Phyllis


I loved the life foundational classes that I did online. The classes were always fun and I felt much stronger and energetic while I was doing the live videos with Nick and Vanessa. They both explained every move thoroughly so I could do the exercises confidently. They interact well together and make you feel like you’re right there in the same room with them. Still doing recorded classes and considering personal training!! programs!!

- Dale