Let's get you out of square 1

When I first started Milsner Fitness, I was 23 years old working in corporate America for a company that I loved, however (naturally) there was something missing. I could easily see my days go by in the blink of an eye without ever leaving my desk (sound familiar?). I noticed my colleagues who would go nearly the entire day without any organized, set aside, intentional, time for movement. Now, given the work demands & lethargy that builds from remaining stagnant for several hours, as well as the mental fatigue, I could see how this same pattern could continue for years and years. I would ask my co-workers to join the workout class I was teaching down at the gym or come for a 20 minute walk mid-day & though these were motivating in the moment, they never really stuck to it. This was a huge problem and since I was an active, health-focused person, this was an even bigger problem that I wanted to help change within the workplace. 

A year later, I left my corporate job to pursue my passion of supporting working professionals and parents build healthy wellness habits, making exercise & nutrition part of their lifestyle. Now, I'd love to do the same for you! 

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I help young professionals & parents prioritize themselves through movement & nutrition so they can perform better at work and home.