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A program that meets you where you are


Excellent personal training at Milsner Fitness! Vanessa is amazing, always so upbeat, motivating, and she offers tons of support and encouragement. She will go above and beyond to help you achieve your goals. I definitely recommend and encourage anyone thinking about joining, you won’t be disappointed.

- christy s.

Bakersfield, CA


Vanessa has been instrumental in getting me back in shape after an ACL reconstruction. The personalized regimens that she has me doing each week are helping me to build strength and feel good about my overall fitness. She takes the time to listen to how the body is responding and adjusts the next workout accordingly. She has gone above and beyond coordinating with my physical therapist to ensure safety is #1. Her positivity and upbeat attitude is the perfect way to start my early mornings. I feel so lucky to have her on my recovery team!

- Whitney P.

oakland, ca

 I was immediately some on Vanessa’s approach to wellness, which is a combination of hospitality and accountability. Four months later, I’m still in the program and have already seen tremendous progress from where I was when I started. Having two kids makes getting a workout in a challenge, but having a trainer in a remote setting allows me flexibility of when I get my workouts in, and gives me no excuse to not complete my workouts. This program has made me take my life back and to prioritize my physical health. I look forward to continuing with the program.

- Eric R.

Irvine, CA

Eric Testimonial Pic.png

From the very first time I met Vanessa she has worked to understand my needs and my personal goals. I’m a busy mom of two boys, a full time employee and wife among other things. With her workouts are manageable!! Every workout is personalized, based on what I can do and what I like to do. She listens but also pushes back to test limits. Her app that she uses to check in and track progress and workouts is seamless and easy to use! I highly recommend Milsner Fitness for anyone looking to have personalized, flexible, & targeted training. 

- samantha d.

danville, ca

"Milsner Fitness workouts give me a sense of physical accomplishment, which is crucial during these times that are spent largely at home [working remote]. I can feel my strength and endurance increasing with each workout, which benefits me greatly on the tennis court."

Since I have started working with Vanessa my habits and mindset have completely changed. She is a wonderful trainer and has been such an incredible ally on my fitness journey. I’m in my second month of training and I am already so impressed with my program. I feel stronger and have seen a great improvement in my health.

- katie k.

denver, co

Milsner Fitness is exactly what I was looking for in seeking personal training. Vanessa took the time to get to know me and my goals, and every week gives me new workouts that are tailored directly to those goals! I’ve always been intimidated by the idea of a trainer, but Vanessa feels more like a friend who is alongside the journey with me, always checking in and keeping me motivated! My body feels stronger than ever and I’m so excited to keep going and see and feel even more results.

- Mia B.

los angeles, ca

As a person who has gone in and out of practicing fitness, having a personal training system where exercises are catered exactly to my personal needs and goals that I can obtain within the comfort of my own home has been immensely successful. After my first 6 week program, I saw such great results and got into an amazing routine, I knew I had to continue. Vanessa does an amazing job at staying connected, organizing your workouts, making sure you maintain comfort and form, and encourage you to push and work beyond your goals. There is true diligence and time invested into the customer and it's an experience I have never had before. 10/10 recommend!

- tiffany w.

los angeles, ca

-Samantha D.

Seeing what Vanessa was able to do with this program was huge for me. Originally I was working out in my basement as I did not have access to a gym & she was able to build me a full workout with nothing but bodyweight.  Then she recommended adding in various equipment that I purchased to enhance my workouts & she was swiftly able to incorporate these into my program. Now having access to a gym, she is able to build me full workouts & teach me how to use the equipment from a remote status, allowing me to be flexible and exercise in the way that really works well for me. Thats the big advantage to the remote program is being able to workout when your schedule permits and with whatever you may have access to.

- Sam C.

chicago, il

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