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The Movement Membership

10 mins a day of integrated training to build a consistent routine around moving your body

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& this is how the story goes...

On the daily you're caring for & tending to everyone else's current needs. Your spouse has sent you 3 texts to confirm if you've set up the call with your financial planner, the kids (2 or 4 legged) are making an absolute mess in the living room when you have company in an hour & your boss is pinging you for the 3rd time today when you're supposed to be "out of office" in the next 30 minutes. 

All of everyone else's demands can feel like you're a baton juggler and there's absolutely no way you can toss in a 4th baton without completely crashing & burning in front of your entire audience. 

Building a consistent exercise routine doesn't have to mean 5-60 min long workouts that you frankly don't have time for, don't know where to start or what you should be doing. 

So, I created The Movement Membership for extraordinary jugglers like you to be able to:

1) Re-make your own right now needs a priority 

2) Realistically & effortlessly build healthy habits

3) Relieve mental & physical stress in just 10 mins/day

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Staying active gets thrown on the back burner when you're working full time, being a parent & attempting to maintain your social life, but what if it was easier?

Are you feeling...?

  • Like sitting in front of your computer screen is the death of you?

  • Stressed from everything going on in your life between work, family & self needs?

  • Stiff & tight after a long work day sitting in your office chair?

  • Low in energy throughout your entire day, even after coffee or tea?

  • That you are underperforming in your workouts due to limited range of motion & depth?

  • Like you haven't been able to get into a consistent exercise rhythm since your last injury?

  • Sore in your hips, back, neck & shoulders?

  • Physically & mentally exhausted after your long work or travel day?

  • That you don't stretch enough & are usually skipping this before and after your workouts?

  • Like you want to create a habit and routine around movement & stress relief?

join The Movement Membership & start prioritizing your goals on your own time.

Which are you?
The Movement Membership is for:

The Sedentary Professional

who finds themself going all day without movement, are seated for a majority of their day due to the nature of their work or are incredibly pressed for time with all of life’s responsibilities and aren’t able to get in a full workout multiple times per week!


The 'No Time to Stretch' Workout Aficionado

who has a routine that they love, but are limited during workouts & not seeing development or progress in their training due to poor flexibility, mobility & joint range of motion. Stretching & mobility falls by the wayside, saying, “I’ll do it later” then ‘later’ never comes because other life tasks take priority, leaving them questioning why they aren't seeing the results they want!

"this is so doable with my work schedule"

Start small. Close the gap of barriers to entry. Celebrate small wins, then level up.

What's included in the membership?

When you join The Movement Membership you will:

  • be following an integrated exercise plan incorporating mobility, flexibility, core strength, & balance training

  • gain access to several targeted stretching sequences to do at home, in the office or while traveling

  • be able to take on more in your movement routine starting with beginner level mobility & strength workouts

  • have a weekly schedule of recommended workouts to do each week ranging from 10-60 minutes each

  • progress in your fitness level month over month with new workouts added every 4 weeks

  • have a full on demand library of stretches & workouts to do at anytime, anywhere, no matter how much time you have

  • group of like minded, working professionals to support & cheer you on even when you feel like you're falling short

  • exclusive group community + 1:1 direct messaging with your coach

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If you want to have even 10 minutes of time to yourself, to move your body & build a consistent routine around your health

The Movement Membership is great if you're:

  • wanting to release built up tension in your hips, back, neck & shoulders from sitting all day

  • stiff and tight upon waking up or after a long day behind your computer screen

  • seeking to build a consistent exercise routine around your life schedule & commitments

  • wanting to increase your range of motion & improve joint health & flexibility 

  • physically & mentally stressed from your job & house chores

  • skipping or not spending enough time stretching before or after your workouts

  • wanting to establish healthy habits & routines through movement

  • falling victim to the "I'm too busy" & "I have too much work to do" excuses 

If you are:

  • wanting to start small & level up your weekly exercise

  • sticking to your current exercise routine & need more accountability to get in your stretching

  • partaking in another movement, weight loss or strength based routine

  • seeking to prioritize yourself daily through 1 practice you can do consistently 

  • desiring dedicated alone time with your partner away from distractions

  • wanting to perform better in your HIIT, weight & endurance based workouts

  • craving to leave your desk for the day feeling loose & more energized 

  • trying to find ways to not sit as much during your day

  • needing to relieve mental & physical stress before you start your day or before bed

a beginner or a fitness junkie who wants to take their training to the next level

The Movement Membership is a realistic way to get started in building a consistent exercise routine as well a the perfect complement to a regular workout regimen.

the 1:1 experience in a group program!

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Movement Membership Foundation - $55/mo

  • all Movement Membership inclusions:

    • 5 targeted stretching sequences (~10 mins each) to release tight muscles from long periods of sitting​

    • 5 beginner to intermediate level bodyweight, bands & dumbbell mobility & strength workouts (10-60 minutes) 
    • pre-outlined recommended weekly schedule integrating stretching, mobility & strength
    • new workouts added every 4 weeks
    • on demand library of all workouts even as you progress
    • exclusive group community of like-minded working professionals to support you in achieving your goals
    • private 1:1 direct messaging with your coach

Movement Membership Grow - $105/mo

  • all inclusions of Foundation Membership

  • monthly 1:1 accountability call to review progress & set goals with your coach

Best Value!


Membership FAQs:

  • Ongoing enrollment - join at anytime!

  • Each stretching sequence is a max of 10 mins 

  • Each mobility & strength training workout ranges from 10- 60 mins

  • No equipment is required, but can be used in the strength workouts (bands + dumbbells)

  • Pre-scheduled recommended daily activity, however the membership is fully go at your own pace- you have the structure if you want it!

  • All exercises & workouts progress as months go on

  • Exclusive accountability group for members

  • 1:1 support from your coach, Vanessa with the Grow Membership

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Staying active & building a routine doesn't have to be farfetched, outlandish or impossible to make happen. I created the Movement Membership to weaken barriers to entry for exercise in your busy schedule, leaving you with daily wins even when you feel like "you're too busy".

Please reach out to me directly to with any questions regarding The Movement Membership!

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