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Enhance Your Routine in 10 Mins a Day: The Movement Membership

Updated: Nov 20, 2023

Back in April I launched The Movement Membership Pilot Program to the public to join the first launch of this new membership! Though for just about 5 months now, members have been inside the membership, building consistency around exercise and enhancing their routine with a variety of training styles!

Since then, I’ve taken in feedback and made changes to the program, making it now the most robust, comprehensive integrated training program Milsner Fitness offers! Thank you to those who’ve been involved over the past 5 months and I look forward to welcoming more of you who are seeking to enhance your mobility, flexibility, balance and strength training in as little as 10 mins a day!

Here are the answers to the FAQs that have been noodling in your head & a sneak peak inside this membership!

1. Is The Movement Membership good for me if I already train regularly?

-->YES! The Movement Membership is a great supplemental program to any of your current strength or cardio training as the workouts within the program are intended to enhance the effectiveness of your longer training sessions.

Month 1 Beginner Core
Month 1 Beginner Core

2. Is the membership good for me if I am just getting started or getting back into strength training?

-->YES! The membership also includes full body beginner workouts that you can progress through month over month including bodyweight, bands and dumbbells you can add in. I provide equipment recommendations for everyone who joins the membership based on their goals & intentions.

Month 1 Beginner Bands + Abs
Month 1 Beginner Bands + Abs

3. Is the membership good for beginners & advanced trainers alike seeking to enhance their mobility & flexibility?

-->YES x 100!! This is at the core of the membership. So often, I see beginners not knowing where to start & starting at a level 5 before learning the fundamentals of movement patterns. I also see advanced trainers and active individuals totally skipping over their mobility, flexibility and balance training for years on end. This is the main driver behind the membership– bringing together beginners & advanced trainers in one space to focus on the fundamentals of movement to enhance movement patterns in more strenuous workouts, enjoy activities of your daily lifestyle and improve performance in your hobbies!

Month 1 Mobility Sequence
Month 1 Mobility Sequence

4. Is the membership good if I suffer from aches and pains from a long work day and little activity in my day?

-->Absolutely! The membership was designed to support you in building consistency around daily movement, starting with low impact exercise around muscle tension release and strengthening in less than 10 minutes a day. Over 90% of the workouts within the membership can be done with bodyweight alone and equipment can be added in as you progress.

Month 3 Full Body Desk Stretches
Month 3 Full Body Desk Stretches

5. Does the membership come with a daily action plan or calendar I can follow to get started?

-->Yep, you guessed it! Over the first 3 months of the membership, you have daily movement scheduled for you. After the 3 month mark, you have free rein to start building out your own schedule based on the workouts you want to do each day. Clients love this feature as it provides you a sense of ownership in your movement routine as well as a one-stop shop for all of your exercise.

Membership Calendar
Membership Calendar

6. Can I add in other workouts I do into the app for the membership?

-->Certainly! Any additional workouts you do in your week can be added directly into your weekly calendar. This includes everything from walking to badminton!!

Additional workouts can be added!
Additional workouts can be added!

The Movement Membership is all about building consistency in your exercise-no matter how large or small the movement is. Inside the membership, you’ll access:

  • 10+ targeted stretching routines addressing those commonly tight muscle groups for sedentary individuals,

  • mobility routines to strengthen joint health, broaden range of motion and increase efficiency in your workouts,

  • beginner to advanced, core strengthening workouts in 10 mins or less, as well as

  • beginner body weight, band and dumbbell full body workouts to get you feeling stronger in activities of daily living.

If this sounds totally like your jam, I'd love to have you start feeling like this once you're in the membership!

If you're a...

  • busy working professional who rarely finds the time for themselves in their day to prioritize their health

  • the “I need to get back in shape” [soon to be] parent who is seeking a way to get started in building habits around exercise, or

  • 30/40 something who wants to build a consistent, healthy routine with movement

...then the Movement Membership is for you!

Month 1 View
Month 1 View

The membership is open to join on a rolling basis an has 2 tiers-the Foundation tier, which grants you access to all of the workouts each month (remember, new ones are added every month!) and the Grow tier, which includes everything in the Foundation tier as well as a monthly 1:1 coaching call to review progress & strategize your movement routine as a whole! This is the best way to work with me in a 1:1 capacity if you aren't ready or needing a full 1:1 Personal Training program!

Comment on this post with any additional questions on The Movement Membership & follow the link below to learn more if it's a good fit for you!


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