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Your Personal Coach

There's really nothing like having someone who is objectively & solely supporting you, your goals & understands your lifestyle.

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what it means to have a coach...

Having a coach by your side is more than just having someone to guide you through exercises or provide meal plans. It's about fostering a transformative relationship, one that transcends mere instructions and charts, and instead, becomes an integral part of your journey to a healthier, fitter you.

Here's what it means to have a coach dedicated to your health and fitness:

  1. Accountability Partner: Your coach is your unwavering support system, holding you accountable not just to your workout regimen or dietary choices, but also to the commitments you make to yourself. We're there to celebrate your victories and help navigate setbacks, ensuring you stay focused and motivated.

  2. Objective Perspective: Often, it's challenging to see the bigger picture when you're deep in the process. A coach provides an objective viewpoint, offering insights and strategies that you might not have considered. This perspective helps in setting realistic goals and maintaining a steady pace towards achieving them.

  3. Expert Guidance & Learning: Your coach isn't just a trainer; they're a wellspring of knowledge. You'll learn not just how to exercise effectively or eat nutritiously but also the 'why' behind it. With our guidance, you'll understand the principles and methods that form the foundation of a sustainable, healthy lifestyle.

  4. Personalized Support: No two individuals are the same. A coach understands your unique needs, limitations, and aspirations, crafting a personalized plan tailored explicitly to you. This customized approach maximizes results while considering your preferences, ensuring a program that suits your lifestyle.

  5. A Reliable Partner: Your coach becomes a dependable ally in your journey. Knowing that you have someone reliable, compassionate, and knowledgeable in your corner fosters confidence and eliminates doubts. You're not just a client; you're part of a collaborative team striving for your well-being.

  6. Life-Long Relationship: Beyond sets, reps, and meal recommendations, a coach builds a relationship that transcends the boundaries of a typical trainer-client dynamic. They become a part of your life, understanding not just your fitness goals but also your lifestyle, challenges, and triumphs.


Embracing the guidance of a health and fitness coach isn't just about short-term gains; it's an investment in your long-term well-being. Together, we'll build a foundation for a healthier, happier you—one step, one workout, and one meal at a time. Let's embark on this transformative journey together!

Great for you if you...

  • struggle to stay consistent or motivated on your own

  • seek a personalized approach to your health and fitness

  • want to understand the 'why' behind your fitness regimen and nutrition choices

  • need to break through plateaus & re-evaluate your current approach

  • want an outside perspective and objective advice benefit greatly from a coach's insights

  • value building a strong, supportive relationship in your fitness journey

  • prioritize long-term health and fitness goals

  • desire to build realistic action steps & build sustainable habits and progress

  • are looking beyond just workouts and meal recommendations


A coach offers a holistic approach, considering various factors like stress management, sleep, hormones, and overall lifestyle to optimize your health and fitness routine.

Schedule a free consultation with me to learn which program is best for you!

1:1 Personal Training Programs +
1:1 Nutrition Coaching

1:1 Personal Training

Choose from 2-5 custom workouts delivered to you weekly via the Milsner Fitness App, where you will also track your progress, habits & any other areas of your health you may be interested in following such as daily steps, nutrition, heart rate, sleep, & more!

All training plans, except the Dynamic Plan (2 custom workouts per week) include a tailored strength mobility workout each week. This workout is based on your assessments done at the beginning and throughout your program & focuses on increasing your range of motion, addressing movement patterns such as over and under-active muscles as well as developing your core strength and balance.  


1:1 Nutrition Coaching

Best if you're seeking to tackle a single or a list of specific areas within your nutrition regimen or if you know you work best with a coach 1:1 vs. learning from an online nutrition course or group program (BITES-- my comprehensive online nutrition course that is offered both in a self study and group course led format. BITES is a great path if you're a beginner to nutrition & are seeking to learn foundational principles and how to apply them in your life to build a balance nutrition routine.) 

One on one nutrition coaching includes 2 bi-weekly accountability and strategy sessions to game plan a path to achieve your specific nutrition milestones. Also includes a Recommended Food List (not a meal plan) that breaks down tailored meal and snack recommendations based on your preferences and lifestyle. Great if you want the regular ongoing support with your nutrition and dietary habits. 

What's it look like once I sign up?
Personal Training

Personalized Program Dashboard


Custom Workout Calendar-
Weekly View


Rolling Custom Workouts Available Anytime


Real Time Rating & Feedback After Every Workout

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What's it look like once I sign up?
Nutrition Coaching

Tailored Meal Library based on Your Macro Target


 Recommended Food List based on Preferences 

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Daily Meal Tracking (optional)


Track Fitness Activity


What's it look like once I sign up?
All Programs

Your Own Program Dashboard


24/7 Messaging Access with Your Coach


Watch Connections & Activity Tracking

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Integrates with Apple Watch, Fitbit & Garmin, more coming soon!

Awards, Progress & Achievements


Milsner Fitness 1:1 coaching is ideal for individuals who value personalized attention, seek lasting transformations, and appreciate the benefits of having a dedicated partner in their health and fitness journey.

1:1 Coaching & Training FAQs:

  • Limited spots an availability-- make sure you're subscribed to MF Weekly & following on Instagram to be the first to know when a spot opens up (this is rare!)

  • All 1:1 plans are recurring monthly payments based on the plan you sign up for

  • All 1:1 plans are hyper tailored to your lifestyle, preferences and goals. No 1:1 plan looks the same!

  • All 1:1 plans include bi-weekly coaching calls unless otherwise discussed with your coach.

  • All 1:1 plans include full Milsner Fitness App access to all features, including those features outlined in the "all programs" section above.

  • You must be signed up for Nutrition Coaching to gain access to all of the nutrition only features, including in app meal recommendations and the tailored Recommended Food List created and provided by your coach. 

  • You must be signed up for a 1:1 Personal Training Plan to gain access to tailored custom workouts, though other features of the app such as activity tracking, are included for Nutrition Coaching only clients. 

  • Exclusive 1:1 Client Group within the app & 24/7 access to message with your coach outside of your bi-weekly coaching calls. 

  • Schedule a consultation, respond to an MF Weekly email or DM @milsnerfitnss on Instagram to review additional questions!

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Transform your health and fitness journey with personalized guidance—schedule your consultation today and embark on an integrated 1:1 coaching experience tailored to your goals, lifestyle, and aspirations!

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