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Each plan is custom to fit your needs

  • Nutrition Coaching

    Every month
    1:1 coaching to develop a plan to achieve your goals
    • 2 (bi-weekly) 1:1 coaching calls
    • Meal/macronutrient distribution & tracking via mobile app
    • Habit implementation, practice & tracking via mobile app
    • Recommended food list based on food preferences
    • 2-way direct messaging with coach for consistent check ins
    • Weekly tracking review by coach to ensure adherence
    • General education based on client needs
  • Personal Training 3

    Every month
    3 customized workouts/week, 1 corrective exercise routine
    • Your assigned personal trainer
    • Dynamic and static postural, cardio and strength assessments
    • Corrective exercises based on assessments to be incorporated
    • Weekly workout routines delivered straight to any device
    • Consistent support and accountability from personal trainer
    • Bi-weekly check-ins to review goals/progress
    • Customized workout program available to do again at anytime
    • Two way private messaging with trainer
    • Healthy mindset and feeling of accomplishment!
    • Time/days of workouts depend on your goals and preferences
    • All the above are included until cancellation
  • BITES Self Study

    Tackle BITES on your own time, anywhere life takes you!
    • Great if you can't commit to the program dates!
    • Self study version of the BITES group/1:1 60 day program
    • Online guided learning modules
    • Workbooks & action items to complete throughout
    • Private group for all program participants
    • Lifetime access to all modules, videos, and collateral
    • 1:1 coaching calls can be added for an additional fee

    60 days to navigate a tailored, lifestyle nutrition regimen
    Valid for 2 months
    • 3, 1:1 coaching calls with your coach
    • 4 group coaching calls with all program participants
    • Various tailored habits to practice, track & implement
    • Online guided learning modules
    • 2-way direct messaging with your coach via mobile app
    • Private group for all program participants
    • Lifetime access to all modules, videos, and collateral
  • Movement Membership- Foundation

    Every month
    Get out of your chair & into your body easily & consistently
    • 3-5 targeted stretch sequences (low back, hips, upper body)
    • 1-2 mobility workouts bodyweight only/equipment can be added
    • 1 full body foam rolling sequence for stiff muscle release
    • 2 BONUS bodyweight workouts/equipment can be added
  • Movement Membership

    Every month
    Work 1:1 with your coach on your holistic exercise habits & routine
    • All as included in Movement Membership- Foundation
    • 1-monthly accountability call discuss progress & next steps
    • Tailored coaching experience to your entire movement routine
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