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your wellness is wherever you are

The M.I.L.S.N.E.R. method- my tried & true process to creating, implementing & sustaining a healthy lifestyle you truly enjoy.


A balanced lifestyle shouldn't be a chore;  it should be one you enjoy, crave & look forward to.

Meet Your Coach


Hi! I am Vanessa, your MF business owner, trainer & nutrition coach. I started Milsner Fitness in 2020 from my downtown San Diego apartment, completely online. With my passion for well-being & movement and my previous roles in hospitality, I knew I wanted to support people achieve their health & fitness goals while living their most active lifestyle. As an avid traveler, maintaining consistency in your exercise regimen can be a challenge. That's why I created Milsner Fitness to ensure your workout is wherever you are in the world. Now, I support business & personal travelers put their health at top priority, wherever life takes them.

Custom training and nutrition programs for those who struggle maintaining consistency.
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Let's create a lifestyle you enjoy

Remote Personal Training

Great if you: love your exercise time, but are lacking creativity in your routine, knowledge on which exercises are best for you, & accountability for getting your workouts done & enjoying them day after day! 

Virtual Personal Training

Great if you: are struggling to make your workout happen between your busy work & family schedule & feel at your best when live with a trainer for each of your sessions. All sessions are over Zoom unless local in Reno, NV.

1:1 Nutrition


Great if you: have a great foundational knowledge of nutrition principals, dieting, and lifestyle habits and are seeking a program to support in reaching a specific goal (ex. weight loss, muscle gain, sports performance, etc.).

BITES 60 Day-Nutrition Program

Great if you: are seeking to learn foundational nutrition principals, understand myths from facts, & build  healthy lifestyle habits to create a lifestyle nutrition regimen that you enjoy & reaches your goals. 

The MF Experience

With one of our leading values being hospitality & customer experience, we are dedicated to serving each of our clients throughout their entire journey and ensuring they feel well connected to their coach, their goals & their progress every step of the way. We work with our clients on building intrinsic motivation around their wellness routine; engaging in purposeful movement, habits and nutrition they enjoy and can sustain for the long term. By joining the MF community, you will expand & develop your education in the health & wellness space as well as practice & establish tangible breakthroughs in your habits, mindset and physical capabilities, creating long lasting results, all through the M.I.L.S.N.E.R method.

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"So great at designing a workout program that fits your health needs and lifestyle. They hold you accountable and encourage you in your fitness journey.”



"Build me full workouts & teach me how to use the equipment from a remote status, allowing me to be flexible and exercise in a way that really works well for me."

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“After my first 6-week program, I saw such great results and got into an amazing routine, I knew I had to continue.”

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