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Milsner Fitness: Remote Coaching & Training Programs

making health & fitness part of your lifestyle

Your Personal Trainer & Nutrition Coach, Vanessa Milsner

That feeling when you know you look + feel good without even looking in the mirror or jumping on a scale>>

Why MF
5 Star Client Testimonial for Remote 1:1 Personal Training
5 Star Client Testimonial for Remote 1:1 Personal Training
5 Star Client Testimonial for Remote 1:1 Personal Training
5 Star Client Testimonial for BITES Online Nutrition Program
Your Personal Trainer & Nutrition Coach, Vanessa Milsner

Don't let "This is 40" be your reality

Hi! I am Vanessa & I just became your lifestyle health bff. You may be wondering, how does "This is 40" work into fitness & nutrition? Even if you haven't seen the movie, you likely could get the picture. As soon as you make it through the 20s hump, you immediately start plotting your sacrifice- for your job, family, friends & you start to lose sight of yourself. Before you know it you're a few years into your 30s and you're thinking to yourself

"sh**, I don't feel like I used to 10 years ago!"

Your life flashes before your eyes and you realize that if you don't get your exercise & nutrition in check- you won't be able to teach your daughter how to ice skate, your son how to throw his first pitch, or be able to dance all night with your spouse on your 10 year anniversary in Costa Rica.

These are the moments that make life worth living. Taking care of yourself physically, mentally & nutritionally is only way to see these memorable experiences come to fruition. 

Get Out of the MF Rat Race

You've tried all the things, the 2 month boot camp programs & challenges, the fad diets and hottest nutrition trends all your coworkers are talking about. You dive all into these temporary (quick fix) stints in hopes to improve our wellness in the short term & then you fall out of them quicker than you began. It's time for a permanent solution; to make wellness part of your identity so can start living your life without that little voice in your head saying, "you're really going to have that brownie?" Milsner Fitness offers tailored exercise & nutrition programs for people like you who struggle building a sustainable habits & establishing consistency with exercise & nutrition. You desire to stay as active & strong well into your 40s & beyond, but you're already feeling the heat of your 30s! Through the M.I.L.S.N.E.R method, my focus is to educate, guide & evoke long lasting results in your health & fitness regimen so you can feel 10 years younger, on every birthday!

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Milsner Fitness: Remote Nutrition Coaching & Personal Training Programs

Our mission: to change the way you think & act when it comes to your health. 


"So great at designing a workout program that fits your health needs and lifestyle. They hold you accountable and encourage you in your fitness journey.”


"Built me full workouts & taught me how to use the equipment from a remote status, allowing me to be flexible and exercise in a way that really works well for me."


“After my first 6-week program, I saw such great results and got into an amazing routine, I knew I had to continue.”

Supporting working professionals & 24/7 busy bodies build intrinsic motivation around your health & create and sustain a routine you can be proud of.

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Biz Offers

Let's add "me-time" to your calendar. 

Movement Membership

Great if you: are a sedentary working professional with little to no movement in your daily routine seeking to build exercise consistency OR a fitness junkie who's not seeing progressive results & development due to lack of flexibility & mobility.

1:1 Personal Training

Great if you: love your exercise time, but are lacking creativity in your routine, knowledge on which exercises are best for you, & accountability for getting your workouts done & enjoying them day after day! 


Nutrition Program

Great if you: are seeking to learn foundational nutrition principals, understand myths from facts,  navigate dieting, & how to build healthy habits to create a lifestyle nutrition regimen that you enjoy, are confident in & reaches your goals. 

1:1 Nutrition


Great if you: have a great foundational knowledge of nutrition principals & are seeking to learn in a 1:1 capacity with your coach. You likely have a few sustainable, healthy habits in place, but struggle with follow through. 

Publications & Partnerships


Interested in partnering together for a product, have a feature in your magazine on a trending topic, or hire Vanessa to speak at your upcoming event? Schedule a call below or email to discuss your opportunity!

Proudly writing for Sierra Rec Magazine

Author of Sierra Rec Outdoor Lifestyle Magazine, Vanessa Milsner
Author of Sierra Rec Outdoor Lifestyle Magazine, Vanessa Milsner
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