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BITES Self Study

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About the Course

Welcome to the BITES, 60 day program to support you in building a nutritional lifestyle that you love! You have opted to take the self study course of BITES, in which you will have lifetime access to of the most current version at time of purchase. With the self study program, you can of course take more than the 60 days if you would like to spend more time on certain modules. You also have the autonomy to jump around within the program, though I do recommend going in the order as presented to get the most out of the comprehensive program! This program was built to build on week by week. Hope you enjoy and please be sure to check out how you can add some accountability from me with 1:1 calls and support throughout or after the program!


One Time Investment

BITES Self Study Nutrition Program, $297.00 + $24.56 //8.27% NV Sales Tax

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