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Mindset Meets Nutrition:
A free 2 day workshop on how to cut through the media's nutrition BS & curate a lifestyle you love 

To show past dieters & nutrition dart throwers how to feel confident in making healthy nutrition decisions today that align with your desired future state in a way that is easy, fulfilling, and has an immediate impact on your everyday lifestyle regardless of whether you’ve had a nutrition coach in the past OR have been given the holy grail of meal plans.

Day 1

Tuesday, 2/21/23

4:30pm PST/7:30pm EST 

Shifts in the way you talk about food that impacts your cravings + behavior

We'll dive into the actual shifts you can use in your daily life as well as the impact your speech, perceptions & labeling of food has on your daily actions and interpretations of your relationship with food. 

Day 2

Thursday, 2/23/23

4:30pm PST/7:30pm EST 

Build an impenetrable mindset to cut through the media's nutrition BS!

You follow tons of nutrition accounts, all saying something different. You don't know what or who to believe anymore & nothing seems to stick. I am going to show you 3 ways to build an impenetrable mindset that cuts through what is & isn't realistic for you, building your confidence in making nutrition purchasing decisions.


Secure your spot for this FREE 2 day workshop!

If you're ready to finally...

  • eat lunches out without guilt or self loathing

  • be confident in your own nutrition choices & decisions

  • know how to approach nutrition to serve your lifestyle & preferences

  • spend more time enjoying vacation & less time self loathing after it

  • stop wasting time and $$ on that 100th diet/powder/pill/stomach vacuum you saw on Instagram that your bff swears by

Then snag your FREE spot in this 2 day workshop today! We kick off on 2/21/23!

**yes, a replay for both days will be sent out by Friday, 2/24/23 for all registered attendees only! Be sure to register to get access to the replays!

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What are you waiting for? Register now & let's get your mind[set] right so nutrition becomes easy & enjoyable!

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