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  • The Milsner Fitness fabric resistance bands are what you have been needing to elevate your workout! Enhance your lower body exercises with 3 resistance levels designated by each color, blue (light), medium (grey), and heavy (black).  Bring your MF bands with you anywhere you go by packing them in the mesh logo bag that comes with your purchase! The best burn, anywhere you are! 

    MF Resistance Bands (3 Pack:Light,Medium,Heavy)

    • Range

      43 cm & 👇🏽

      44 cm- 49cm


      55 cm &👆🏽

      Pack Size

      Small Med Large XL
    • Select the sizes of your resistence bands by measuring the length (cm) around 1 leg about 2in above the knee. Based on your measurements, select the band sizes that may be best for you as far as comfortablity (not too tight) and challenge. You will want these tight enough to be a great workout!

      When selecting band sizes, based on the circumference measurement around both legs, it is okay to get 1 or 2 of the bands slightly smaller than your measurement (ex. Medium, Large or XL packs). These will be a bit tighter & will stretch slightly over time with consistent wear. 

      *Model wearing size 32cm (small pack).

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