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4 Simple & Healthy Ways to Become Closer with your Partner during Quarantine

Let’s face it, as more time goes by, quarantine can get repetitive and dull. There's only so many Netflix shows to binge watch. With the current restrictions, I'm always finding new ways to fill time and stay innovative at home.

If you are quarantined with a significant other, this may also take a toll on your relationship. However, here are a few simple yet productive activities to spice up your days at home!


01. Find new, healthy recipes to cook together

Cooking can be a fun and rewarding activity for you and your partner to try. A recent study conducted by Light Speed GMI found in a survey that 87% believe cooking is one of the top activities for couples to strengthen their relationship. It provides something for you two to collaborate on while improving communication.

Hold off on Postmates for a night or two, your wallet will thank you! According to the Early Years of Marriage Project, a longitudinal study of 373 couples showed that money is the leading source of conflict in relationships. Cooking together is easier on your wallet, with rewarding and delicious results!


02. Take walks together

Get your steps in together! Even if it is just around the block or the floor of your apartment building, walking is a great way to stay active with your partner and take a brief break from daily tasks. Even light exercise, such as walking, releases endorphins that help to relieve pain and stress, serving as a mood booster.

American Psychologist (2017) published a study concluding that walking with someone enables you to feel more connected to them.

The US National Library of Medicine concluded in another study that those who began taking regular walks resulted in positive interactions and restored attention. Walking together gives a good opportunity to talk with one another, and has been seen to help resolve conflict in relationships.


03. Plan your next vacation

Cabo, Hawaii, there somewhere that you two have been wanting to check off the bucket list, but just never had the time to plan? Well, pull open Trip Advisor and start those itineraries! Plan a relaxing getaway with your spouse to look forward to, post-quarantine. An activity like vacation planning involves collaboration from both ends, shown to greatly increase satisfaction in marital relationships.

Travel also provides several long-term benefits for couples, such as growing similar interests and hobbies, as well as improved communication.

On a budget? Plan a time where both of you are free for a little staycation or quick overnight stay at a local hotel. Eighty-seven percent of couples reported in a survey that relaxing and taking a break from a day-to-day routine helps reconnect and strengthen their emotional bond.


04. Take an online workout class together - Date night with Milsner Fitness!

Push and encourage one another to reach your fitness goals! It has been proven time and time again that working out together creates non-verbal matching, providing a way to feel more emotionally attuned to one another.

A study published in Social Behavior and Personality: An International Journal, concluded that a physiological arousal occurs while exercising with a partner, while also increasing a relationship’s overall happiness. Do some cardio together!

Milsner Fitness now offers a wide variety of online workouts that you can do with your partner.

We're live! Join our range of online workouts here, from cardio kickboxing, to advanced strength training. Hope to see you there!

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