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Relieve Hip and Low Back Pain: A Guide for Busy Professionals and Parents

Updated: Jun 12

Are you one of the countless individuals constantly experiencing hip and low back pain? You're not alone, trust me! Chronic hip and low back pain can become more than 2nd nature due to prolonged inactivity or inadequate stretching & training among your hectic professional and/or parental life.

Studies indicate that a staggering number of Americans suffer from such discomfort, directly linked to their work conditions and sedentary lifestyles. Research shows that more 80% of Americans experience low back pain at some point in their lives, with a significant portion encountering hip-related issues due to prolonged sitting and lack of movement in their work environments. For working professionals and busy parents, this pain can become a persistent obstacle, affecting productivity, mobility, and overall quality of life.

My goal is that after reading & saving this article, you're able to start integrating these 5 stretching and 5 mobility exercises into your weekly routine-- don't worry at the end of this blog, I'll share exactly how you can easily integrate this into your already busy schedule!

Low back pain relief tips from sitting at a desk all day

I too as a busy working professional have found that without the proper movement routine and (inexpensive) tools to deck out my home office to support my physical wellbeing, I'd be feeling like I'm aging 10 years every day! When I also really started to prioritize my body first through weekly mobility & flexibility training, it was able to perform 10x better not only in my workouts, but in my activities of daily living, without pain and discomfort.

So, I've compiled a series of targeted stretching exercises and strength-building movements (with video tutorials included below) specifically tailored to relieve hip and low back pain while also strengthening the muscles in these areas. Read on past this list for how to easily incorporate these exercises into your weekly training routine!

Stretching Exercises to Relieve Hip and Low Back Pain

  1. Runner Stretch: Targets the hip flexors and quadriceps to relieve tension.

  2. Standing + Kneeling Hip Flexor Stretch: Loosens tight hip flexors from both standing and kneeling positions.

  3. Half Dog Stretch: A yoga-inspired stretch to open up the hips and lower back.

  4. 90/90 Stretch: A seated position to enhance hip mobility and flexibility.

  5. Movement Breaks (plot twist, I know): Combat inactivity by frequently standing and moving throughout the day to prevent stiffness.

Strength and Mobility Exercises to Relieve Hip and Low Back Pain

  1. Fire Hydrant Hip Circles: Activates the glutes and hips to enhance mobility, range of motion.

  2. Mini Band Glute Marches: Strengthens the glutes and hip & lumbo-pelvic stability using resistance bands.

  3. Side Lying Hip Abduction: Builds hip strength and stability while lying on your side.

  4. Step Ups: Strengthens the quadriceps, knees & hips while improving balance and core strength.

  5. Lunges in Multiple Planes: Targets various lower extremity muscles and enhances hip mobility in different planes of motion.

Having an integrated training program with focus on mobility & flexibility on a weekly basis is what really changed the game for me and I want the same for you to start seeing and feeling the difference in your body every day!

You can start today in the Movement Membership!

Discover more about the Movement Membership—a structured program catering to two distinct groups: beginners seeking to build consistency with integrated exercise and seasoned fitness enthusiasts who may be overlooking mobility and core training. The Membership emphasizes building habits around daily movement, even it that means dedicating just 10 minutes a day to your body. Workouts within the membership progress monthly, ranging from 10 to 60 minutes to meet you wherever you are, no matter the day!

Accessible anytime, anywhere through the Milsner Fitness mobile app, the Membership offers 20+ workouts, adaptable for bodyweight routines or with minimal equipment. By committing to this program, you'll prioritize mobility, core strength, and stretching, empowering yourself to combat hip and low back pain effectively.

I personally integrate the Membership workouts into my own weekly routine, and love it! These work great for me  when I am running low on time for a full workout of my own or when I am traveling and need to maintain consistency. The best part is when I know I simply could benefit from 10 min evening mobility or stretching flow--without having to think about it. I just open the Milsner Fitness app, select the flow I want to do & it talks through the entire workout for me. It's perfect and adaptable no matter where I am!

 If you have a current routine, but lack an integrated training regimen including mobility and flexibility OR you are seeking to get started in building a consistent routine around your exercise, check out getting started with The Movement Membership.

Consider the GROW tier, which includes a monthly 1:1 accountability call with me in addition to all of the workouts inside the Membership. This is a great way to take a more tailored approach to your fitness goals with still having me as your coach, guiding & keeping you accountable throughout the Memberhship! Invest in your well-being today by joining the Movement Membership—where relief from discomfort and enhanced mobility are just a click away!

Alternatively, if you're seeking a specific 1:1 personal training program tailored to you, schedule a consultation with me to get started and determine the plan best for you!

Always cheering you on & supporting you in building an exercise routine you can maintain, enjoy, achieves your goals and leaves you without pain and discomfort! Comment below with any questions on this topic or the exercises!


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