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Top 5 Must-Have Workout Equipment for Travelers & Home Exercisers

Updated: Nov 20, 2023

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My suitcase might as well just stay open Monday - Wednesday because by the time Thursday rolls around, I am already packing back up for the next trip. If you are like me and you travel a lot (for business or pleasure) or you have a workout routine that you would like to keep when you travel, here are my 5 pieces of equipment that I do not travel without. Each of these you can bring with you in a suitcase on a plane, a train, or toss it in the car for a road trip! Did I mention you can get all of these right here on my website as well as on my Amazon recommendations?!

Let's get packing:

1. MF Bands

I mean come on they come with a traveling case! Easily compactable & can fit into your backpack, carry on luggage or even under the backseat of your car! These are the perfect complement to any lower body workout when you're on the road. You hardly need any space to perform any workout with these bands. Say hello to hotel, Airbnb, backyard or even living room workouts with your MF resistance bands.

Every bands purchase comes with a full workout & tutorials with exercises you can do right away with your new bands! Here's an example below!


2. Long Resistance Bands - loops & handles

Two versions for you: with handles or full loop without handles. Whichever you have- bring them. No, you may not need to bring the entire set based on the exercises you plan to do or the length of your trip. Think ahead of which workouts you’re planning to get in and pack the 1-2 most versatile band levels for your exercises. They are also very light weight and could fit into any little crevice of space you have left!

Long Loop Resistance Bands: I love to tie these up to an anchor point for added resistance, such as in these banded hip thrusts, assisted pull ups or even a band squat to overhead press.

Long Resistance Bands with Handles Bundle- what I love about these bundle packs is they also come stocked with 2 velcro ankle straps & a door hook. The ankle straps are great for resistance band exercises such as the Band Standing Straight Leg Kickback & Band Single Leg Hip Abduction. The door hook becomes useful to place the band through the loop, then place the door hook with the rounded edge on the opposite side of the door, closing it on the fabric. This creates an anchor point for your exercises such as the Band High Rows. Below is a sample exercise, Lateral & Front Raise with Bands, using your body as the anchor- how convenient!

Another favorite core stability and strength exercises with the bands with handles is the Band Pallof Press & Raise (video below).


3. TRX Suspension Trainer

One of my absolute favorites to travel with! Talk about a full body workout in a bag! Make sure your TRX has the door hook- if you don't have this you will want to get this attachment STAT as it is a total game changer anywhere you're heading. The TRX suspension trainer is compatible with any sturdy door to use as an anchor point, when a hook to a strong pole, such as a pull up bar or a squat rack are not accessible. Wherever you go, if you can’t fit in anything else- pack your TRX- it will change the way you view working out and support you in overcoming the feeling that you “can’t get in a full body workout” while on vacation!

TRX Home/All in 1: has the door hook and is slightly sturdier & about 1.5lbs heavier than the TRX GO. This one is my preference as the weight doesn't make a big difference for traveling in my opinion. I like the sturdier. more secure feel!

TRX GO: same as the TRX All in 1, just a little bit lighter in weight/slightly more compact for traveling- great option if weight is an issue (ex. for airline requirements).

Check out my (growing) playlist here of TRX at home exercises to get you started!


4. Sliders

Slide into your active lifestyle while you’re traveling with this small, but mighty equipment. These take up virtually 0 space in your luggage as they are slender, compact and can fit in a front pocket or on the edge of the suitcase where there really isn’t room for anything else- yeah, that space is for your sliders. Another full body workout in a (smaller) bag that you can take with you anywhere. For these, you will need a carpeted or soft wood surface to get the full sliding effect when using these for upper, lower, or core focused exercises.

I have the Bala Sliders, however these on Amazon should work just as great for 1/2 the price!


5. Ankle Weights

Okay before you brush it off let's talk it through. Being fully transparent here, I brought my ankle weights in my carry on and made it through TSA (kinda). My bag was flagged for inspection as the machine identified my much needed workout equipment as a battery. When they pulled it out they saw what it was accompanied by my TRX, bands, and sliders. Despite the odd look on their face, they let me go through without hesitation. So if you’re running late to your flight, maybe leave these ones behind or throw them in your checked luggage! If you’re going for the long road trip- these are an absolute must to get those legs working whether thats adding them to your lower body workout or going out for a walk!

2lb Ankle Weights: great if you are seeking added weight to current exercises or feel the 1lb is too light.

1lb Ankle Weights: great if you are just starting out with ankle weights and are seeking an additional challenge.

Adjustable 1-10lb Ankle Weights: great if you are seeking versatility with low and high weight options for different exercises.

Check out and try some of these incredibly versatile pieces of equipment that can support you in your full body workout anywhere life or work takes you!

Your workout is wherever you are!

Comment below with your favorite travel equipment and if you'll pack these for your next trip! For more support or clarification on any of the equipment and/or exercises in this post, please comment below, email me ( or message me directly on Instagram.

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