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Top 16 Healthy Costco Finds for Meal Planning

Updated: Dec 11, 2023

Grocery shopping is a beast of its own. Let alone then having to come home, unload it (especially after a Costco haul and you start thinking of all the ways you can use these boxes that you have absolutely no need for) and then cook and meal prep with everything you just bought. Did you get what you need to make a healthy, substantial meal for your week?

Here are my healthy Costco finds (in no particular order) that will save you time, money & headaches when in the kitchen. You will thank me for having these on hand at all times!

**Scroll for a full Costco video haul directly from my kitchen!

  1. Fresh Animal Protein

As I discuss with all of my clients part of my 1:1 nutrition coaching or programs, begin your meal planning by outlining your proteins first, then vegetables & starches. Purchasing your organic chicken breast, ground turkey, beef or even bison, salmon, steak, you name it, at Costco is a great if you are a party of 1 or a party of 6. Buying these in bulk saves you money, trips to the store and from the scavenging feeling of not having anything in the house. Buy and extra when you can, freeze it and thaw it out when you're ready to cook. It's always helpful to have extra protein on hand when returning home from a trip and you haven't been able to get in your grocery run- create that reserve!


2. Sabatino's Sausage

This protein deserved its own acknowledgement. I do not leave Costco without grabbing a pack of these. Not only do they cook in 10 minutes on the stove, but also great on the bbq! Pair these with your favorite ingredients for a bowl (I love onions, peppers, veggie stir fry & rice) or have on its own with veggies and s starch on the side. Versatile, simple, & delicious.


3. Greek Yogurt

Packed with protein, no added sugars & contains live cultures that support healthy digestion (even for someone who mostly steers clear of dairy)! If you can tolerate this non-fat yogurt, this is a fantastic way to get in your protein for fewer calories & without overdoing it on your carbs and fats (for you macro trackers)! I love to add an all natural honey to cut the tart flavor & mix in my favorite DIY nut mix (also made with Costco products)!


4. Raw Nuts

Want to make sure you read this right- raw nuts. Costco can definitely get fancy on you, but we are focusing on the basics, the household essentials. Raw nuts without any of the added flavors and seasonings are great to add into your yogurt, have in DIY trail mix or can even be added to salads for a nice crunch! Almonds and walnuts are packed with omega 3s, 6s, & 9s and provide a high quantity of essential, unsaturated fats into your regimen. These can be pricy, but they last forever!


5. Protein Powder

If you currently or are looking to supplement with whey protein and seeking a protein powder that contains healthy ingredients supporting lean muscle growth, if you can snag this at Costco - you are set! I love the Muscle Pharm Combat Protein Powder for its quality protein blend, high amino acid profile & 0 added sugars. One serving has 25 grams of protein, which when blended into your favorite smoothie recipe, offers a rich protein meal replacement option. Great option for those focusing on weight/muscle maintenance, muscle growth, weight loss or training athletes.


6. Peanut Butter

Without a doubt taking home 2 packs of these regardless of how many are already at home. Do you have that one item in your kitchen that you just can't go without? For our house, thats PB. The Kirkland brand peanut butter is simple & to the point, containing peanuts & sea salt. Since there are no additives or preservatives, the consistency is creamy upon first opening. Once opened, throw it in the fridge, upside down (learned this from a friend) & the consistency will thicken up to the perfect scoop-able or spreadable texture. Perfect to add into smoothies, have on toast, or simply a spoonful because it tastes that great!


7. Nuttzo Butter

Peanut butters crazy cousin who you secretly lay eyes on when PB isn't looking. I recently discovered that Costco sells NuttZo and I had to try it! It is more expensive than the 2 pack of the peanut butter, however this is due to the 7 nuts & seeds that it contains and is entirely worth trying out! If you are 1 person, this container will stretch that $15 over several months. I love to use this on toast as a snack or a side to my breakfast. I don't use it all that often, simply on occasions which supports the longevity & bang for your buck!


8. Frozen Fruit

If you are a smoothie addict like me, Costso frozen fruit is a must. I never leave without a pack of this triple berry blend. Purchasing 2-3 of these at a time can be pricing, so I like to supplement with a frozen pack of strawberries, blueberries or really any other combo that you like! This will save you a bunch in the long run as they don't go bad and can leave in the freezer forever or use it up within a 2 week period if you're making smoothies for 2, 5-6 days a week!


9. Frozen Vegetables

Why stick to frozen fruit with that big freezer space at home? For the same reasons as the frozen fruit, the frozen veggies can last the test of time in your freezer and are great if you are adding these into daily or weekly meals. You can find a few varieties of mixes, but my favorite is the stir fry that has a little bit of everything. Throw a bunch in a pan on the stove, add olive oil, cover with a lid to steam, & add some pepper if you like, but these are fantastic as is. Make for easy meal prepping!


10. Mixed Greens

Love to get my salad mix from Costco as I have noticed this typically lasts much longer (about 2 weeks) than purchasing at a local chain grocery store (~5 days). It is the same price, about $5 for the large container and if you are a salad lover or looking to add in more greens to your smoothies, lunches or dinners, this is a great way to ensure you do just that. Get in those micronutrients - romaine alone won't do it for you. Seek out those mixed, leafy greens.


11. Siete Tortillas

Great option to have on deck if you follow a gluten, soy, dairy free or Paleo nutrition regimen, or even if you don't! These tortillas have few ingredients and actually hold up very well when adding a salsa or anything that makes your wrap "wet". They are also higher in protein than your traditional flour or corn tortilla if you are looking for ways to increase protein! You can keep one pack in the fridge and the other in the freezer until you're ready to use!


12. RX Bars

These may as well be my #1 Costco purchase as it is one of the best deals you can get for a pre-packed item that is packed with nutritional value. In this pack, you receive 14 bars, 7 of each of these flavors below (2 of the best ones), for $16. Checking out at just over $1/bar is a fantastic investment seeing that you can buy these individually for almost $2.50 each at a local chain grocery store. These are my go-to travel bar & I always have one in my purse or gym bag whenever I am out and about!


13. Egg Whites

If you follow me on Instagram (@milsnerfitness) then you know I am a BIG FAN of egg whites, especially purchasing these at Costco. Don't get me wrong, a classic egg is also wonderful when made in certain ways. However, I have noticed that egg whites don't bother my stomach no matter how they are prepared. They are an excellent way to maximize protein intake throughout your day without dipping into your fat and carbs for the day (for you macro trackers seeking ways to hit your daily protein target)! You can have them alone with some pepper & a dash of salt as a great mid-day snack or dress them up with all the fixings of vegetables and avocado for a hearty breakfast hitting all your macros! I love my egg whites as an afternoon snack topped with a mild salsa (clean ingredients, of course)! Inexpensive option for a high quality protein that can be made in less than 10 mins! You can also add it to your smoothie recipe for extra protein that is virtually tasteless!


14. Olive Oil

Who doesn't use lots of olive oil? We are talking for cooking, salads, and baking, this is a household staple to have in your pantry for all kitchen activities. Olive oil is high in unsaturated fat supporting low cholesterol along with a delectable flavor. Call me Greek, but we use olive oil liberally in our house as it is going in anything we cook on the stove, in the oven and on top of salads with balsamic as a light, tasteful salad dressing!


15. Coconut Water

Try out this hydrating beverage on your next Costco trip. What I love about this brand is their simple, delicious ingredients and staying true to their brand promise of providing you exactly what you expect to receive. Great for summer time, if you're feeling under the weather or seeking a thirst quenching taste other than water! A great substitute if you are a soda drinker to hydrate your body with nutritious carbohydrates & micronutrients.


16. Tuna

If you have yet to try my Mayo-less tuna recipe, this is the base of it all! If you like tuna, purchasing the Costco pack can be cost & time saving down the line. Tuna is fairly simple to make and pair with a salad or sandwich for a timely lunch at home or in the office. Also a great way to incorporate more lean, low calorie, protein into your regimen if you are getting tired of chicken, steak and turkey burgers. This shelf-life champion is also a great option for when you are in a pinch and haven't made it to the grocery store or are in and out of the house on vacation!

Want to hit the kitchen together? Join me in a video haul version of this list right here!

Looking forward to the new items you have in your cart on your next Costco trip! Comment below with what you loved, some new recipes you tried from these items as well as any healthy finds you have discovered at your local store.

Seeking greater nutritional support on how to put these items into actual meals? Let's chat about 1:1 nutrition coaching & my 60 day nutrition program, BITES, & see which is best for you! Schedule a consultation below to get started!


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