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The Ultimate Training Program for Lasting Results

Updated: Mar 21

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I wouldn’t call it my tried & true process if I didn’t live it out myself. Here’s how I live the M.I.L.S.N.E.R method in my daily regimen and how you can have the ultimate training program for lasting results too!

Growing up, I have always loved and valued movement and exercise. People always asked me how I was so motivated and energetic when it comes to exercise (& life in general). My response was always that I had intrinsic motivation around exercise and my overall well-being. I wanted to exercise and move my body on a consistent basis because I enjoyed it– the movement I engaged in.

The best part is, intrinsic motivation can be developed, even if you're someone who has fallen in and out of programs, nutrition plans and have yo-yo dieted for what feels like a decade. Building that intrinsic motivation comes from who you envision as your future self-- the habits they sustain, the lifestyle they live and what they want to be able to experience as you age.

I created the M.I.L.S.N.E.R method to support people in feeling and living their best, active lifestyle no matter where in the world they are. Being an avid traveler, making exercise and nutrition accessible to people was one of my priorities through Milsner Fitness. Here's why I created this method and why this will be the training program you'll actually stick to in creating a lifestyle around your health & fitness!

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Training our mind is synonymous to training our body- without consistent effort to learn & challenge our brain, we won't see the growth & the results we desire long term. The information our brain interprets can alter our mood & impact the decisions we make. Shifting the way we think about our health will change the way we act on it.


I work with each of my clients on building that intrinsic value for exercise in nutrition. Many coaches will say that you need them in order to stay on track. This may be true in the beginning and perhaps for a long time. However, my goal is to get you to the point where you don’t need a trainer to get you to eat balanced or exercise often. If I have gotten you to a point where you no longer need me, then I have done my job.


Embedding exercise & nutrition into your lifestyle further shows the mind that this is becoming a habit and something we are creating routine around. Remaining consistent, even through the ups and downs of the journey, is key to making it part of your lifestyle. Nutrition and exercise are areas of my life that I prioritize and therefore remain constant no matter where life takes me (even if both exercise and nutrition look different when on vacation, over holidays, life events, etc.). This is creating balance.


I may be biased, but there are also several studies supporting strength training to be incredibly beneficial for nearly all populations, using a variety of modalities and equipment, including your own bodyweight. Strength training is a favorite of mine for several reasons: 1) the focus is slow, controlled movements through a set range of motion, 2) the ability to maintain muscle mass, create muscle definition and feel your results from the inside out, and 3) actively progressing in weight and movement patterns to further increase strength and bone density. I could go on forever about strength training- don’t hand me the mic!


I had a conversation with my now-husband on his opinion that when we are out at a restaurant, I ALWAYS have substitutions. Substitutions can often be labeled as being picky, indecisive or flat out “extra” (literally from a financial sense). While I used to steer away from substitutions merely due to the added cost, I now lean into them for a few reasons (again this could be another whole topic in and of itself, but for this I will keep it brief): 1) I know what I like and what I (& my body) don’t agree with, 2) it is worth the extra investment for me to have a meal that will satisfy my cravings & goals, and 3) it is important to me to remain somewhat consistent on my nutritional regimen while traveling, dining out, etc. Again, balance.


If you don't enjoy it (even a little), you won't stick to it. You actually need to like the habit you're practicing in order to build a routine around it. We often sign up for a program or diet plan for the wrong reasons- because we feel like we have to or everyone else is doing it. This doesn't support longevity & establishing long lasting health results.


"How will I stay on track without an IRL trainer?" Yes, there are great benefits to an IRL trainer, however if you are seeking to build long term, self sufficiency, having a coach that is in your pocket, but not quite holding your hand is how you will gain that. In our remote format, we support you in addressing your root struggles & ensuring they can't resurface.

So, how you you M.I.L.S.N.E.R?

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Vanessa Milsner

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